July 16, 2018   

NJSERVE is a privately held company dedicated to helping individuals and businesses alike create a powerful online presence easily and economically in New Jersey. Founded in 1997, NJSERVE.COM has grown considerably by providing a comprehensive array of web services backed by superior service and the latest technology.

As a total web solutions provider, our product offerings include virtual, e-commerce and dedicated web hosting as well as domain registration and web design. Through partnerships with key industry leaders, vital development and marketing tools are also available to enhance your website and grow your business.

1. Commitment To Customer Satisfaction
Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Our diverse staff works as a team to make that possible. Whether it's walking you through a domain transfer or account setup, or troubleshooting a difficult CGI script, we'll do what it takes to keep you happy. In addition, every new client is assigned a personal account representative who will familiarize themselves with you and your business, and assist you throughout the entire process of establishing and maintaining your eBusiness presence.

2. Speed
All of our Web and e-mail servers utilize Intel® processing power and reliable, fast hard drives for optimal performance. All Web servers are specifically configured for Web hosting and interactive application performance and all data is carried over our switched 100Mb internal network and delivered by Cisco® routers to the Internet via redundant connectivity.

3. Reliability
All our servers and the components that make up our network are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of an unscheduled outage, be it a component failure, software crash or connectivity disruption, our monitoring system will immediately notify an engineer. At the same time our systems will attempt to fix the problem automatically, be it diverting our connectivity over a redundant circuit or restarting a failed service. This proactive monitoring allows us not only to promise our customers up-time, but to also deliver on this promise.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about NJSERVE. Please contact our sales department if you have any questions about how NJSERVE can serve your hosting needs.










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